Thursday, February 14, 2013

Holy Mother of Change

  even in death

  takes time

Its completion
  brings fertility.

Bull gods and days of fat sacrifice.
Why do I resist?

The ego still says:
  Only Me in This Body

It is a challenge.

The great network of all things
The great cycle
The likeness of old age to childhood

Of Birth to Death

Creative Destruction  

Everywhere my ancient roots
Herons dance in the pines
Pileated Woodpeckers call across
  winter space
Phoenix recurs

Creative Destruction 

Horus, the Hawk:
Messenger from (and to ...) the Other Side
Kind Truth is the best we have to offer.

Year of the Snake:
Change is upon us.
My ancient roots
  sing to me
    sing to me
      sing to me

Help me to listen 
and be not afraid.

These canyon walls echo the sound
  of ancient drums
The heartbeat of The People
  shared with all of Creation.

Sacred Web,
  hold us gently,
  and teach us to weave with you.

All of Creation is the thread:
Let my light ease your burden.

Complete me.
Destroy me.
Begin me anew.
Resurrection is my birthright.
I. So. Choose.

Unweave the tapestry
  and weave again

Holy Mother of Change, 
Help me to Trust in the

[Copyright Dancinghawk February 2013]