Saturday, October 24, 2009

Precious (Haiku)

There is much to be
said, and nothing at all. This
time with you: Precious.

Little Cat Feet

If they live long enough,
they'll be the death of us
for sure,

the way they
olly off the inside
of the ankle -

little punk boarders
with nothing but

But you have to
their skill.

Perhaps they'll
keep us young
with their antics -

or even teach us
a thing or two
about light feet.


... Expression
... Inhalation
... Expiration

(for every creation unleashed
a little death)

... Body
... Day
... Moon

(make visible the creations
of this dimension)

... Receiving
... Speaking
... Feeling

(all of these
lead to Being)

The timeless balance
(tic-toc tic-toc)
of All Creation
births beauty anew
(in-out in-out)
with every seething.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rain Magnet

She lay on her back looking at the sky,
relaxed and concentrating,
melting into the earth and feeling
everything everything in it.

Overhead the clouds came from every direction,
slowly at first,
collecting in great puffy masses,
condensing as their numbers increased,
whirling together in
mottled expectation.

The sky faded to gray,
darkened further as the atmosphere
blotted out the sun.
A few blessed drops
struck the dust of the desert,
created ripples on the surface of the parched earth,

And then the rain came down in torrents,
soaking her hair
and her face
and her clothes.


It wasn't imperious,
this coming together,
this gathering.

It wasn't controlling.

It was simply what was:

to be a magnet
for the rain!

And open, not hiding,
but not broadcasting either,
because people are afraid
of what they don't understand,

and that wasn't the point,
to make them afraid.

Or to be revered for some strange power,
because it wasn't strange:
it was only
what was.

It wasn't like
gathering the clouds in her arms:
How could anyone gather clouds that
didn't want to be together?

But it was rather like creating a space in herself,
letting herself open to attract the clouds
with the intensity,
like a magnet.


Bull Dreamin'

I woke from a dream
and, in waking,
Was in a dream.

I was 5, and near me
a great Bull,
with horns,
and a gleam in his eye,
stood in the courtyard.

I walked up to him,
and held out my hand,

as if it held a lump of sugar.

A golden ring
pierced his substantial nose.

He nudged my small fingers.

And I awoke.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mt. Tam (revised Oct 2009)

There has been ceremony here;
I feel it in these medicine stones.
Every atom vibrates with ancient knowing.

The peace eagles make it pure,
But the song rings through the air
just as it did
The day I was born.

There is ceremony here;
My song, my people, my privilege.
Peering at family who've carried the wisdom
of beauty and celebration -
Circled through space to let me through the door.

My infinite privilege to know your presence.

Even my courage to let you in -
and out and in like tidal waves
in my teeming universe -
Comes from the wonderment
I've caught in glimpses.

My longing overrides my fear.

I prey to be devoured by your grace.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Part Three: The Red Road (Vsn 2, Oct 2009)

Part Three: The Red Road

Path of Heart,
of Connection;
Ribbon of blood, sweat, and tears,
each Red Road
One Path of fulfillment

(and unique).

and Gratitude
Red Road.

Within you,
you carry
seeds of
unique greatness.
Your Red Road.

There's an irony:
you have to be grateful
for you don't even know
what; but gratitude
is key.

Many have known
Love has no room for
other. Not to choose love
is to be swallowed by a Void
of Pettiness, and isolation.

With love,
may we be grateful to serve.
With love,
may we fuel the fire

Your Fire
your deepest treasures.
That Fire
your Red Road.

Find that fire,
and Unlock those
seeds of greatness.
Find the fire within you, and
bring that fire to the people.

The Red Road is
the path of the Heart
is specific.
You know
when you are on the path.

And you know
when you are not.

Sacrifice your ego, and
your Heart will lead you
only you can find.

I know these things to be true:
Your Fire is needed.
Answer the call to greatness,
and let your Heart
lead you to riches.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Storm Comin'

Shadows move;
gusty winds
usually not seen,
dancing on asphalt –
clear as night.