Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lady with the Lamp

I'm in Roseville, Minnesota, blessed to spend some time with my hard-working and very talented grandparents (88 and 91 years old) who've been navigating some extra challenges this summer. A couple of weeks ago Gram called me The Lady with the Lamp, and my dad wrote this poem that I thought was too wonderful not to share.

The Lady With the Lamp

When times are tough and we are down, there is a myth of wide renown:

As home fires fade and the kindling’s damp, here comes the Lady With the Lamp.

She brings a warmth and energy, a light that brightens all we see.

As hope returns and spirits rise, we soon begin to realize

The Lady With the Lamp is here to overcome despair and fear,

Reminding us to hope and pray for help to find a better way

To meet the many tests we face, with resolve and steady grace.

The Lady With the Lamp is more than just a maid of local lore.

Her little lamp, though very bright, represents a greater, larger light.

And though we may not understand the source of every helping hand,

We have a feeling in our heart that her compassion is a part

Of a universal earthly love that we were given from above.

Life is full of mysteries that compensate for frailties,

And one to help us up the ramp is the Lady With the Lamp.


Thanks, Dad! Makin' me cry! :)
Much Love!