Saturday, February 27, 2010

imprisoned writers throughout the world

This great site is a collection of folks from all over the world that have been taking action for imprisoned writers throughout the globe ... and this is their 50th anniversary! Check out:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Imprisoned Poets in China (Feb 2010)

If poets are being imprisoned
for writing poems about the Dalai Lama,
poetry is powerful.

Poets ARE being imprisoned
for writing poems about the Dalai Lama:
poetry IS powerful ...

And you, as a poet
have poems in you
that are powerful poetry.


I hope to be a mirror
reflecting back to you
the perfect beauty
that is your birthright.

May the white light within you
glow with special ferocity,
and your beauty awaken you
to new horizons.


Saturday, February 13, 2010


Your pleasure is
My pleasure is
Our pleasure, and,
given with love,
Our pleasure
the whole world.

A Valentine's Eve Vision

Two herons appeared in the east -
flying just over the trees,
low through the canyon -
from the south, in near-synchronicity.

Arcing upward, they suddenly banked left,
and then parted ways -
one continuing north,
the other returning south.

Twilight: Perhaps to jointly fish
a larger territory, that the new babes
of spring might enjoy their catch;
Together, we can't always be physically -

but together we can be
in purpose.
Aho Mataquiesen.

(note) 2010 Feb 13

i'm committed to sitting 8-9pm PST ... gathering energy ... and sending with love at midnight EST ... if you've never done a healing circle before ... simply meditate or pray, get yourself centered and grounded, gather that good energy, and when you've gathered all you can, add it to the circle, and the circle sends it, just like throwing a ball, at the end of the session (midnight EST in this case) ... picture where it's going in your mind's eye ... and direct your thoughts and feeling to the ones you would aid ... much love!

A Valentine's Day Wish (for Grito and AIXA)

Members of OP!
Friends of Grito and AIXA!
Dancing Hawk invites you to join her
for a Valentine's Day wish:
An hour of meditation and prayer and then
at the stroke of midnight, EST,
we send, together,
our white light and love to Grito and AIXA.

Saturday night
8-9pm PST
9-10pm MST
10-11pm CST
11-12midnight, EST

Gather your white light and prayers,
gather your feathers,
and together we, the OP circle,
will unfold some of our pure,
tangible essence.

Blue Inca Night
Strong White Stallion

May our love be healing wings
in every dimension.

At the stroke of midnight,
Valentine's Day,
may you, Grito and AIXA,
feel our healing love and light.


Dancing Hawk