Thursday, April 22, 2010

Native No More

This canyon echoes rumbling rails
while ancient creek bed holds its tales,
and diving falcons practice fleet

with dancers - now all whirling birds.
As fish swim close to banks of words
sprayed ‘neath the beasts of steel, discrete,

I think of those who went before –
they traveled far to fish a store
of salmon jumping up the street.

The salmon jump, alas, no more,
And those who lived were shown the door –
the Chief, he rests his weary feet

along the Falls now owned by men
who might not care for fish or fen
(they sit inside a room to meet).

The river runs through PCBs –
polluters seem to sleep with ease.
The sun shines on with light and heat

and we keep on our meet and greet,
while birds of prey hunt on for meat:
in place of salmon … nothing’s sweet.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Worlds of Wonder - Starting with You

Isn't it amazing?

That we can detect CO2
- a gas -
right out of the atmospere?

That we make iron, and chromali steel
- alloy metals -
and build race cars with the tungsten?

That we sequence DNA and other
- biological minutia -
and build humans with the findings?

That these tiny bits of creation
- various and elemental -
each form a nucleus of passionate human endeavor?

And that we are here
- briefly -
the nuclei of our own possibilities and plantings?

Isn't it amazing?

A 2010 Wish List

Quark 8
2.8 GHz
16 GB 1066 MH DDR3
1TB HD (drool)
ATI Radion HD 4850, 512 MB
8x Double Layer Super Drive
Office Mac Business Edition
3,000,000 GHz lol

The Little Breezes Blow

Little breezes blow
and poetry fills my head -

a line
another line
a gust
and i realize
i must grab a pen
and notebook.

When little breezes blow
i must be mindful -

and listen
and carefully record
what will quickly change
with the next fugue.

Prayer flags move,
leaves rustle,
and thoughts come
with increasing urgency.

To write is a release
for which i'm grateful.

When little breezes blow
i am touched
with presence
and gratitude -

may the little breezes ever grace
my universe with whispers.