Friday, July 1, 2011

on the 4th anniversary of his crossing over

my teacher

he taught me

feeling : real
observation : real
dreamspace : real
memory : real
vision : real
thought : real
being : real
connection : real

and don't doubt it

What is real?

you are
now is

microcosm : macrocosm

Garden News, Summer Solstice 2011

it smelled of lilacs
and then the rain

now Egyptian perfume
is on the breath of the iris
so pale blue
it's pearl white

chamomile blossoms
bits of sunshine

luminescent sage flowers
butterflies of purple

and hummingbirds
in the columbine

red strawberries
green gooseberries
currant buds
apple starts
raspberries ready to grow
vegetables. planted.

blessed be this abundance


My Grandfathers

great fortune
-great blessing-
so many grandfathers
each a balance
-innocence and strength-
ten bears
men who knew
the power of silence
-of celebration-
and of confidence
in the face of fear