Saturday, May 29, 2010

Garden News, May 29, 2010 (Spokane, WA)

Garden News, May 29, 2010
-Spokane, WA

Record rain
after late-season freezes, and yet
Egyptian Iris blooms luminescent -
ancient perfume on the breeze.

Purple chive tops,
valerian and columbine pink,
Joe Pye magenta and
crazy daisies everywhere,
each curving maneuver captured in
long stems seeking the ever-moving sun.

The first spring-red strawberry
was gobbled up two days ago, and
summer fruit is set -
round and green -
gooseberries, raspberries,

Sandy soil welcomes water as
sage tips nearly burst.
Volcanic ash, arrived 30 years ago on the plumes of
Mt. St. Helens, infuses the earth -
a recent memory in geologic time -
already sifted deep into soil

eager to nourish.

Flanders Fields poppies
just might pop on Memorial Day -
dripping blood red in living color - and the
Bleeding Heart has been blooming for weeks,
remembering the fallen
of many seasons.

The depths inform the surface;
this little patch of ground is thriving.
May this breath be remembered
for the beauty it contains.

Blessed Be.
-Dancing Hawk

I was born with worker-bee markings

I carry
I chop
I dig
I plant
I do

I am