Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

I've Done All I Can Do

I've done all I can do.


A high standard -
difficult to maintain.

single-thought focus.


in the moment.

What powerful changes we could effect
if we could say,
at any moment,

I've done all I can do.


Perhaps it is primordial,
this connection we have
with the darkest primitive experiences of humanity -
hunger and cold -
at the darkest time of the year.

December hits and the food drives go crazy.
Clothing, cash, blankets ...
Christmas dinners,
Volunteer everything,
Focus, focus, for one month of the year.

January hits, and exhaustion sets in.
Resolutions begin with
new paths envisioned, though
old paths tend to imprison
our possibilities.

By February, one wonders
if the urgency of need
has truly faded -
or have we simply forgotten
that hunger goes on?

Perhaps it's for survival
our collective mind works this way.
In the toughest times (the darkest times)
we fight
for survival of the species.

And somehow, we've translated this
to the reptilian brain.


When the sun is shining,
better get your bootstraps.
Make hay, or go hungry.

Hardwired into the human -
Qualities necessary for Survival.
It takes
I've done all I can do
to another level -

Because we are more
than this reptilian brain.
We are ancient -
but we are also new.
We are instinct and we are thought.

We are choice
with infinite possibilities.
We can act out of instinct
AND out of thought.
We can do much.


Moody like a cat
howling at the moon with the dogs
flying outside the garden wall - the hawk -
and touching the sun - the eagle -
wolf, versatile, smart, endangered, and loyal
changeling snake in transformation
spider weaving family's web
squirrel storing nuts and dancing on poles
bear, dancing on pines, fierce and unafraid
salmon jumping, journeying, providing
and hummingbird, flit-floating on
long journeys, big eyes set in whirring wings.

Just a portion of the stories of Creation,
who tells a billion tales
with every creature
unleashed on Earth.
Bee and dragonfly buzzing
about their business,
each expression of Creation can say
every day
I've done all I can do.

Can you?

Friday, January 8, 2010

we must Be Peace

if we wish for peace,
we must Be Peace

if we wish for war's end,
we must Be Peace

if we wish to be whole,
we must Be Peace

it's the only way:
if we wish for peace,
we must